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Board of Trustees

In accordance with Statutes, the Board of Trustees is the highest administrative body of IMDEA Water. It is composed by three members representing the Regional Administration, a maximum of twelve internationally recognized social scientists, and two top level executives.

Government Representatives


Rafael Fernandez
Mr. Rafael Fernández Rubio
Dr. in Mining Engineering. 
Professor in Madrid Polytechnic University. Rey Jaime I Prize for Environmental protection

Ex Officio (Regional Government of Madrid):

Ilmo. Sr. D. Rafael van Grieken Salvador

Mr. Rafael van Grieken Salvador
Counsellor of Education, Youth and Sport
Regional Board of Education, Youth and Sport
Regional Government of Madrid. Spain



Ilmo. Sr. D. José Manuel Torralba Castelló

Mr. José Manuel Torralba Castelló
General Director of Universities and Research
Regional Board of Education, Youth and Sport
Regional Government of Madrid. Spain


Sr. D. Rafael A. García Muñoz
Mr. Rafael A. García Muñoz
General Subdirector of Research.
Directorate General of Universities and Research. Regional Board of Education, Youth and Sport
Regional Government of Madrid. Spain


Sr. D. José de la Sota Rius
Mr. José de la Sota Ríus
Deputy Director
Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d
Madrid. España

Institutional Trustees

Juan José Vaquero
Mr. Juan José Vaquero López
Full Professor of Organic Chemistry
University of Alcala. Alcala de Henares. Madrid. Spain
José Aguado
Mr. José Aguado Alonso
Full Professor of Chemical Engineering
Rey Juan Carlos University. Madrid. Spain
Mr. Gabriel Ovejero Escudero
Full Professor of Chemical Engineering 
Complutense University. Madrid. Spain

Scientific Trustees

José Merchuk
Mr. José C. Merchuk
Departament of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Unit, Engineering Sciencies Faculty
Ben-Gurion University of Negev. Beer Sheva. Israel

Expert Trustees

Manuel Ramón Llamas
Mr. Manuel Ramón Llamas Madurga
Director of the Water Observatory of the Botín Foundation
Professor Emeritus. Complutense University. Madrid. Spain
Adriano Garcia Loygorri
Mr. Adriano García-Loygorri Ruiz
President of the Social Council. Politechnic University of Madrid
Permanent Member of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences
Madrid Polytechnic University. Spain

Company Trustees

Fernando Arlandis
Mr. Fernando Arlandis Pérez 

Subdirector of Studies, Programmes and Corporative Social Responsibility
Madrid. Spain
Domingo Zarzo
Mr. Domingo Zarzo Martínez.
R&D Technical Director
Murcia. Spain
Jesús Martin
Mr. D. Jesús Martín Sanz. 

Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. Spain
Enrique Hernandez
Mr. Enrique Hernández Moreno.

Director of Services Management. 
Madrid. Spain




Mr. Alejandro Blázquez Lidoy