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Jul 19 2017

Revolutionise desalination by developing a sustainable low-energy process of producing safe drinking water

Jul 06 2017

Summary: The hyporeic zone is the transition zone located below the river channels (sediments) in which they converge and there are exchanges between surface waters and groundwaters. Doctoral thesis of Rubén Rasines Ladero.

Oferta de empleo: ayuda a la investigación en el proyecto LIFE TRANSFOMEM
Jul 05 2017

The deadline for submission of applications is July 19, 2017.

Jun 14 2017

The purification of wastewater from small populations through a system of artificial wetlands is a sustainable process both economically and environmentally, with low initial investment costs and maintenance, which can be implemented in...

Jun 12 2017

Monitoring endocrine disruptors in surface waters of central Spain using toxicity and life history ostracod tests

Jun 06 2017

Consortium meeting in Delft, The Netherlands

Jun 06 2017

Investigating through unsaturated column tests

Open position
May 31 2017

The deadline for submission of applications is June 15, 2017.

May 29 2017

Updating the groundwater model to improve water resources management