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Oct 18 2011

IMDEA presented EPI-WATER at UNESCO (Paris) during the inception meeting of a gef project on “Groundwater Governance: a Global Framework for Country Action” (FAO, GEF IW, IAH, UNESCO-IHP, WB)

Oct 18 2011

IMDEA presented EPI-WATER and “Enhancing Irrigation Efficiency but Increasing Water Use: the Jevons' Paradox” at the XIIIth Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE, Zurich).

Jul 12 2011

Hyporheic is the buffer zone located at the interface between surface and true groundwater, and is recognized also as a rich ecotone from biological viewpoint. At this level there is an exchange of water, nutrients, organic matter and organisms...

Apr 01 2011

The aim of the Endesa awards More Sustainable Building Development is the dissemination and promotion of sustainable construction.

Mar 21 2011

With this theme: “Water for cities: responding to the urban Challenger” is celebrated the World Water Day 2011.

Mar 17 2011

This collaborative project has three objectives: to develop a new concept of sewage treatment by constructing electrogenic wetlands, to establish a bioelectrogenic anaerobic treatment for wastewater and to design a novel electrochemical...

Mar 10 2011

Having a human resources management strategy is crucial in a scientific institution if the aim is to create good working conditions, assess the investigators and their activity and provide the appropriate means to enable them to carry out quality...

Sep 23 2010

Consolider Tragua wins the IWA Sustainability Specialist Group prize for innovation in the practical realization of sustainable urban water management. The award recognizes innovation in the realization of sustainable urban water management.

Jul 21 2010

IMDEA Water is the first Spanish research institution recognized by the European Commission with the acknowledgement in human resource excellence...

May 31 2010

A team of researchers from IMDEA, the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies, and the University of Almeria has confirmed the presence of 88 pollutants in river waters in the region of Madrid. These compounds, most of...