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Mar 10 2011

Having a human resources management strategy is crucial in a scientific institution if the aim is to create good working conditions, assess the investigators and their activity and provide the appropriate means to enable them to carry out quality...

Sep 23 2010

Consolider Tragua wins the IWA Sustainability Specialist Group prize for innovation in the practical realization of sustainable urban water management. The award recognizes innovation in the realization of sustainable urban water management.

Jul 21 2010

IMDEA Water is the first Spanish research institution recognized by the European Commission with the acknowledgement in human resource excellence...

May 31 2010

A team of researchers from IMDEA, the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies, and the University of Almeria has confirmed the presence of 88 pollutants in river waters in the region of Madrid. These compounds, most of...

May 05 2010

IMDEA Water Foundation, the Iberoamerican General Secretariat and the Raúl Prebisch Chair of IELAT, organized a round table open to the public (Thursday April 22, 2010, Conversation Room of the SEGIB, Paseo de Recoletos 8, Madrid) and an...

Dec 16 2009

On the occasion of the IX Science Week, IMDEA Foundation’s facilities hosted the workshop “make your own aquifer”, aiming to show the participants how the groundwater flows. Organised by IMDEA and researchers from the Rey Juan Carlos University,...

Oct 13 2009

Place: Lima, Perú
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Oct 13 2009

Place: Beijing, China
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Oct 13 2009

Place: Dubai, UAE, at the Atlantis Resort on the Palm