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News & Events

Pint of Science
May 26 2016

This festival aims to deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science research in pubs across the world

May 25 2016

IMDEA Water is attending to European Desalination Society Conference

Toxic cyanobacteria detection in fresh water reservoirs
May 23 2016

IMDEA Water is expert on cyanobacteria physiology and toxin production in fresh water reservoirs

La Comisión Europea renueva la Estrategia de Recursos Humanos de investigación
May 18 2016

ARAID Fundation and the University of Zaragoza, with the support of FECYT, organizes the Seminar on Human Resources Strategy for Researchers of the European Union

May 17 2016

INREMEM, coordinated Project in which IMDEA Water participate to recycle disposed reverse osmosis membranes

May 12 2016

The iMETland wastewater treatment device is being constructed

May 11 2016

WaTaPro has been approbed in Register of Intellectual Property of the Community of Madrid.

May 10 2016

IMDEA Water cooperate in the Conference “ Water reuse in the context of circular economy” organised by AEAs.

May 06 2016

Recently, membrane technology group form IMDEA Water has published a Review in Desalination Journal about the possible strategies to follow in order to approach the membranes technoly field to a circular economy model. To this end, this review...

Ofertas de empleo
May 03 2016

The deadline for submission of applications is May 16, 2015.