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Join iMETland Final Conference

Who said constructed wetland technology was not a high-tech treatment for cleaning-up wastewater?

During the last three years, a multidisciplinary team formed by 11 enthusiastic partners from 3 continents have made iMETland a reality. Since the beginning, our innovative wastewater treatment device has gone well beyond EU borders by testing its innovation potential in treating urban wastewater in Argentina, Mexico and in our European demos in Spain and Denmark.
In the final phase of our project we are engaging with policy makers, investors and technical stakeholders both at EU and local level, to pave the way for further exploitation of our technology beyond the project duration.                                                

That's why iMETland is welcoming European professionals working in the wastewater treatment sector to its final conference at the Spanish Embassy in Brussels (Rue de la Science, 19) on the 14th of December 2018, from 11.00am untill 2.15pm. The conference is being organised in the context of the Startup Olé event, being designed to promote start-ups in the EU from Spanish and Belgian entrepreneurs.
To participate to our final conference, drop an e-mail to the project coordinator Abraham Esteve Nuñez at the following address: abraham.esteve@imdea.org

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