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Management tools

Hydrological Information System

There is a need of development of tools to support the management of the water resource, through the correct assessment of the present state of the resource and its possible evolution in different scenarios.

IMDEA Water works on the methodological development and application of different tools for management support, including remote sensing, geodatabase construction and design, and geological and hydrological modeling. Remote sensing techniques allow locating and estimating with the required precision some important terrain features as crop evapotranspiration, land uses, vegetation index, etc. Geodatabases record and arrange all that information, giving as result a GIS enables to analyze the topological and quantitative relations of different variables. The knowledge of those variables and their relations is materialized in an implement of a Hydrological Information System. This will allow to perform the hydrological model, and will be the basis for decision-making in the resource management.

Geomatic Lab

Web Mapping Hydraulic heritage




Tool for analysing and forecasting demand and prices for urban use water services: WaTaPro (Water Tariffs Prospective) 

The WaTaPro (Water Tariffs Prospective) model is a management tool for the analysis of the demand and prices of water services for urban use. It is based on a simulation that aims to optimize financial flows of costs and incomes based on all these variables.

The tool has two parts. In the first, called summary of scenarios, the main parameters and assumptions that allow simulation calculations are defined. To do this, authors take into account the recovery of investment costs, operation, maintenance and conservation, as well as the structure and tariff levels. The scenarios also take into account parameters such as the social discount rate and the rate of technological change.

After the calculation, the results considering the type of user are generated. For each year within the simulation horizon, the evolution of tariff items (service fees and consumption quotas per section), the number of users and the billed volume are presented.

This tool, which has been approbed in the Register of Intellectual Property of the Community of Madrid, is useful for water management companies (supply) because it can be used to set prices for water systems, procedures to support decision making, financial modeling and investment planning for water management.

Scientific & technical offer: Tool for analysing and forecasting demand and prices for urban use water services

Water Footprint

Water footprint is an index to estimate the impact of the human good and service on water bodies, whether at local, regional, national or global. That impact are not focused in the place of production or consumption, but in international context too. Estimate the vitual water flows asociated to the good and services exchange could be an useful tool for the river bassin water management.

To know the virtual water flows inside the country, the Spanish Enviroment Ministry has aproved a planning statement (Orden ARM/ 2656/2008) to include a periodical water footprint analysis in the river basin water management.

Scientific & technical offer: Water footprint assessment