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Soil and Water Quality in the Environment (SWQ)

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Irene de Bustamante Gutiérrez
Raffaella Meffe
Virtudes Martínez Hernández
Ana de Santiago Martín
Lucila Candela Lledó
Dr. Irene de Bustamante Gutiérrez Dr.Raffaella Meffe Dr. Virtudes Martínez Hernández Dr. Ana de Santiago Martín Dr. Lucila Candela Lledó
Raúl Jerónimo Pradana Yuste
Lucía Barbero Morales
Sara Martínez Pérez
Gloria Teijón Ávila
Raúl Jerónimo Pradana Yuste Lucía Barbero Morales Sara Martínez Pérez Gloria Teijón Ávila Cynthia Rieckhof Rivas
Ana García Arcos      
Lesly Ayala Cabana Ana García Arcos      


What do we do?

What do we do?




Nat4Health (2021-2025)
Antibiotics, hormones, persistent and mobile organic contaminants and pathogens, the complex mixture in agriculture and livestock scenario. Risk to health or natural attenuation?
Grant PID2020-118521RB-I00 funded by:

PAPILLONS (2021-2025)
Plastic in Agricultural Production: Impacts, Lifecycles and LONg-term Sustainability.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101000210.


CLEAN-CM (2021-2022)
Control and elimination of biological and chemical risks in the water cycle
Action funded through the agreement between the Community of Madrid (Regional Board of Education, Universities, Science and Spokesperson´s Office) and the IMDEA Water Foundation for the direct granting of a grant of 1,135,000.00 euros to finance the performance of actions in the field of research on SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 disease financed with REACT-EU resources from the European Regional Development Fund.
µNanoCare (2020-2023)
Quantification of micronanoplastics in reclaimed water and agricultural ecosystems. Environmental risk assessment.
Grant RTC2019-007261-5 funded by:


Generating biomass with reclaimed water: opportunity for the circular bioeconomy (2020-2023)
Industrial doctorate in collaboration with EULEN, S.A. Grant IND2019/AMB-17191 funded by:


FatepHarM (2018-2021)
Irrigation of crops with surface water contaminated with pharmaceuticals and trace metals: natural attenuation or health risk?
Grant CTM2017-89995-R funded by:


FILVER+ (2016-2020)
Water reclamation by using a new concept of land application systems.
Grant CTM2016-79211-C2-1-R funded by:


TALE (2015-2018)
Towards multifunctional agricultural landscapes in Europe: Assessing and governing synergies between food production, biodiversity and ecosystem services.
Grant PCIN-2014-085 funded by:


SMART-HYDRO (2014-2017)
Intelligent system to optimize the use of water in agriculture.
Grant RTC-2014-2367-5 funded by:


TRAGUANET (2014-2017)
Consolider Tragua Network
Grant CTM2014-53485-REDC funded by:


REAGUA2 (2013-2015)
Reclamation of water: beyond the Royal Decree 1620/2007.
Grant CGL2012-39520-C03-01 funded by:
Instalación del primer laboratorio adjunto al sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas (SNAP) gestionado por el Centro de Investigaciones y Servicios Ambientales (Ecovida) (2011-2012). Funded by:
REAGUAM (2010-2012)
Reuse of treated urban wastewaters for environmental uses: aquifer recharge through permeable reactive beds and forestry for power production.
Grant CGL2009-13168-C03-01 funded by:
Regeneration of purified water by means of passive techniques in situ: Reuse for irrigation and recharge (2009-2010). Funded by:
Treatment and Reuse of Waste water for Sustainable Management.
Grant CSD2006-00044 funded by:



Research contracts

Sustainable Desert Ecosystem Management with Use of Treated Waste Water for Forage Irrigation in Kuwait (2019-2022)
Funded by: Kuwait Institute for scientific research (KISR)

Kuwait Institute for scientific research (KISR)

Studies for the removal of sulfates in mining waters (2019)
Funded by: SADYT


Lake Chad Basin Groundwater Information (2017-2019)
Reference: 7183277, 7191913
Funded by: World Bank Group

World Bank Group

Water regeneration study through vegetation filters: removal of nutrients and emerging contaminants (2018-2019)
Funded by: Laboratorios Tecnológicos del Levante (LTL)

Laboratorios Tecnológicos del Levante

Writing a report "Critical design review" (2018)
Funded by: Ajuntament de Biar (Alacant)

Ajuntament de Biar

AguaCampus (2016)
Evaluation of the hydric resources of the Campus of the University of Alcalá and study of solutions for its integral use
Funded by: Universidad de Alcalá


Development of innovative tertiary wastewater treatment technology based on vegetation filters (2014-2017)
Funded by: SACYR AGUA


Research project for the development of innovative solutions in the management of brine discharges from desalination plants (2010)
Funded by: SACYR SADYT


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