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Laboratorio de GeomáticaThere is a need of development of tools to support the management of the water resource, through the correct assessment of the present state of the resource and its possible evolution in different scenarios. IMDEA Water works on the methodological development and application of different tools for management support, including remote sensing, spatial databases or geodatabase construction and design, and geological and hydrological modelling.

Remote sensing techniques allow locating and estimating with the required precision some important terrain features as crop evapotranspiration, land uses, vegetation index, etc. Geodatabases records and arranges all that information, giving as result a GIS (Geographic Information System) enables to analyse the topological and quantitative relationships of different variables. The knowledge of those variables and their relations are materialized in an implement of a Hydrological Information System. This will allow performing the hydrological model, and will be the basis for decision-making in the resource management.

Hydrogeological modelling through individual numerical models, and/or coupled to hydrogeochemical models, allows the evaluation of water resources in terms of quantity and quality, facilitating the management of both surface water and groundwater.

The Geomatics Unit is a resource that provides an infrastructure dedicated to solutions based on new technologies. The Lab has a complete framework consisting of a set of hardware, software, and databases, with which a wide range of needs are covered, such as:

  • Modelling
  • Development of specific maps using remote sensing techniques, GPS and conventional documentary sources
  • Automation of data collection
  • Application of simulation models.

Applications research and servicesLaboratorio de Geomática

  • Irrigation
  • Water planning
  • Water footprint
  • Pollution control
  • Quality control
  • Floods and droughts
  • Hydraulic heritage
  • Ecological status of water bodies
  • Reuse

Laboratorio de Geomática


  • Geostatistics SURFER
  • Spatial Metric Analysis -FRAGSTAT
  • Laboratorio de GeomáticaEstimation of Soil Parameters, Hydrologic Modelling - HEC and SWMM family
  • Automated water data collection systems
  • Water Erosion Models - WEAP
  • Hydrogeological models: Hydrus 1D, CXTFIT, PHREEQC-2
  • Statistical analysis programs: Tanagra, R
  • Terminals under a central server.
  • Peripherals of different sizes, including printers, plotters and a medium format scanner.
  • Support materials that aid data collection and its inclusion in drive systems (laptops, pagers, GPS and SLR cameras).

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