Soil Lab

Laboratorio de SuelosIMDEA-Water has a laboratory dedicated to analysis of soils, sediments and similar solid matrices, such as humus or reactive materials. 



  • Texture
  • Moisture, pH and electrical conductivity
  • Organic Matter
  • Total nitrogen, assimilable phosphorus, nitrates
  • Total calcium carbonate
  • Soil LabCation exchange capacity and exchangeable bases (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+)
  • Exchangeable aluminium
  • Metals
  • Phosphates retention
  • Assimilable boron
  • Calcium carbonate equivalent content
  • Amorphous content (Si, Al, Fe)
  • Total organic carbon content
  • Moisture retention curve



Laboratorio de suelos para pretratamiento de muestras

Area for pre-treatment of samples

Placas de Richard

Richards plates to calculate moisture retention


Microwave/Oven for digestion and extraction


Scientific & technical offer: Water and soil laboratory

Analytical services