Soil Lab

Laboratorio de SuelosIMDEA-Water has a laboratory dedicated to analysis of soils, sediments and similar solid matrices, such as humus or reactive materials. Activities mainly focus on determining physical-chemical properties for characterisation from an agronomic standpoint.

The study of these solid matrixes is of prime importance, as characterising the soil-water system is crucial when assessing the use of water in activities such as irrigation or artificial recharge of aquifers.

The impact on soil of water reuse for environmental purposes is highlighted, as it depends on the quality of the water utilised, which will vary depending on its source. This procedure thus helps define the efficacy of treatments whose effluents may be used in one of the environmental uses, or to analyse water quality according to source.

In short, soil monitoring is a necessary tool when assessing the management of water resources.

Soil LabApplications

  • Texture
  • Moisture, pH and electrical conductivity
  • Organic Matter
  • Total nitrogen, assimilable phosphorus, nitrates
  • Total calcium carbonate
  • Cation exchange capacity and exchangeable bases (Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+)
  • Exchangeable aluminium
  • Metals
  • Phosphates retention
  • Assimilable boron
  • Calcium carbonate equivalent content
  • Amorphous content (Si, Al, Fe)
  • Total organic carbon content
  • Moisture retention curve


Laboratorio de suelos para pretratamiento de muestras

Area for pre-treatment of samples

Placas de Richard

Richards plates to calculate moisture retention


Microwave/Oven for digestion and extraction


Scientific & technical offer: Water and soil laboratory

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