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May 14 2013

Sanda Iepure, researcher at IMDEA Water, has published an article on the Madri+d website.

2nd China-Spain Innovation Partnership Development Forum
Asociación Sino-Española por la Energía y la Sostenibilidad
Apr 30 2013

The opening of the Forum will take place in Madrid on May 29, 2013.

Consolider Tragua
Apr 25 2013

The Directorate General of Research Projects of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has qualified the project Consolider Tragua as EXCELLENT, after a evaluation by a committee of international experts.

Apr 24 2013

The Emergency Response Unit Water and Sanitation (ERU WATSAN) of Spanish Red Cross participated in theoretical and practical day...

Curso de verano "Nuevas Tendencias en los Tratamientos Biológicos de Aguas Residuales: Agua y Energía"
Apr 05 2013

From 24 to 26 June 2013, the course "New Trends in Biological...

Management of Water Resources in Protected Areas Management of Water Resources in Protected Areas
Apr 04 2013

The book "Management of Water Resources in Protected Areas" (Springer, 2013) has been recently published. This book has been edited (among others) by the IMDEA Water researchers José Luis Corvea Porras and Irene de Bustamante....

Apr 04 2013

The National Association of Chemists of Spain (ANQUE) and its German counterpart DECHEMA, will discuss (Madrid, 1-2 October) on water and also on its needs, challenges, new markets and technological innovations in the...

Waterday 2013
United Nations
Mar 22 2013

The celebrations for World Water Day on 22 March 2013 will take place around the world with the theme of water cooperation.

ERU WATSAN en el Simulacro Nacional de Emergencias "Gamma-Palazuelos 2013"
Mar 12 2013

IMDEA Water staff  participated in the National Emergency Simulacrum “Gamma-Palazuelos”, ended yesterday. The operation was very prosperous and productive.

Unidad de Respuesta a Emergencias de Agua y Saneamiento
Mar 07 2013

Today the national emergency simulacrum, the largest of its kind in Spain, begins in Segovia. It will simulate heavy floodings that are supposed to break the Pontón Alto reservoir and the radioactive gases emissions. This simulation will include...